Dear friends!
The Ecotton team has come an interesting and long way of accumulating professional experience in the market of importing cotton fabrics, manufacturing home textile products, creating our own brands that our grateful customers know, love and appreciate. Products of the Ukrainian manufacturer Ecotton are made from natural fabrics.
Ecotton is a European high level service and compliance with international quality standards.
We understand the importance of the mission that we want to convey to consumers through our products. We are trying to develop a conscious conviction of our consumers about how vital it is to take care of the most important thing for each of us - health.
One of the main components of health is regular, high-quality, sound sleep. After all, each of us spends a third of our lives in a dream. That is 8 hours from a 24-hour day. A high-quality and healthy sleep can only be if natural fabrics made of 100% cotton touch your body and face. The composition of bedding, including for young children, should not be any impurities. Any synthetics contains heavy formaldehyde resins, which are toxic, allergenic and hazardous to health.
Buying quality bedding and textiles is the same as eating quality and healthy food, breathing clean air, and taking care of your body cleanliness and peace of mind.
However, it is worth remembering that natural bedding and home textiles made from 100% cotton cannot be cheap. Therefore, we advise our consumers to be careful, because a huge number of online stores are full of advertising, offering bright prints of "natural" bedding in expensive packaging at super discounts. Unfortunately, in most cases this is a hoax. Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception in the Internet space. Check the information, carefully read the composition of fabrics, customer reviews.
Remember that according to the legislation of Ukraine, bedding, terry products, pillows, blankets and other textile products for household goods are not subject to exchange or return.

Agree, we deserve to buy high-quality bedding and other products that affect our health and the quality of our life.

 Trust only trusted manufacturers and be healthy!
Ecotton team