Holiday discounts for the most sinister day of the year!


Halloween is a modern holiday that dates back to ancient Ireland and goes back to its traditions. Translated from the Scottish word "halloween" (abbreviated as All-Hallows-Even) means "Halloween". The fact is that the first days of November in the Catholic Church are dedicated to the memory of the dead: November 1 is Halloween, and November 2 is the day of commemoration of the dead. And to this day, in some parts of Scotland and Ireland, on the night of October 31, rituals are held to calm the souls of the dead, as well as to recall legends of ancestors.
Every year, the tradition of violent celebration on Halloween eve is gaining popularity in many countries, including Ukraine. Halloween 2019 will be celebrated worldwide on October 31, more precisely - on the night of the 31st to the 1st, and this year it falls on Thursday.

In honor of this mystical and original holiday, the Ecotton team gives their customers a 20% discount for the whole range of home textiles!

* Prices on the website are given without discount


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Autumn promotion on terry towels!

Dear friends!
Terry towels from 100% cotton Ecotton are the most popular among consumers.
They are very soft and pleasant to the touch, perfectly absorb moisture, do not electrify and do not irritate the skin.
Such products are durable - withstand up to 500 washing cycles. They have a dense pile structure,
a high degree of wear resistance of the canvas and color fastness after heat treatment.
Terry towels during testing and heat treatment at high temperatures showed a low degree of shrinkage - up to 2%.
In our online store, a promotion for terry towels of any size starts.
In the section "Promotions" you can choose any color and size and make a quick order.
Please remember that the larger the size, the greater the discount!
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Discounts for pillows for World Health Day!

Every year on April 7, the World Health Day is celebrated. This date was not chosen by chance: it was on this day that 70 years ago the World Health Organization (WHO) was established, and, more precisely, its charter was approved. The purpose of the celebration is to draw attention to the problems of preserving health and preventing it. It's easier to prevent a disease than to treat it.

According to specialists, health depends on the following main factors: more than 50% is due to the way of life of a person, about 40% – social and natural conditions, and 10% is heredity. And this means that the state of our health depends on us.

The Ecotton team is committed to helping our consumers consciously believe in how vital it is to take care of their health. One of the main components of good health is a regular, high-quality, durable sleep. After all, a third of his life each of us sleeps – 8 hours out of a 24-hour day. A healthy dream is possible if your body and face touches 100% cotton natural fabrics. Any synthetics contains heavy formaldehyde resins that are toxic, allergenic and dangerous to health. The use of quality bed linen and household items is just as important as using natural and healthy food, breathing clean air, taking care of the cleanliness of the environment and the harmony of the soul.

On the occasion of the World Health Day, we give 30% discount on all Ecotton TM pillows!

Remember, health is not the absence of illness, but the physical, psychological, social harmony of a person, his benevolent attitude to others, and to the environment.2J4A8095

A pleasant dream can be bought!

American scientists conducted an interesting experiment: a group of volunteers offered to sleep. Then all the subjects were given inhaling pleasant (smell of roses) and unpleasant (spoiled eggs) smells.
It turned out that during inhalation of repulsive odors, participants had restless dreams, which were accompanied by unpleasant emotions. Pleasant smells, on the contrary, caused positive emotions and, as a result, colorful and good dreams.
As the experiment showed, with the help of smells you can control dreams. People who can not sleep because of restless dreams, can take note. After all, it is very important to rest during sleep in order to gain strength and feel cheerful throughout the day.
And in the Ecotton online store for a comfortable and restful sleep, you can buy natural high-quality products. You can buy mattress covers, bed linen, pillows, blankets from us in the online store at affordable prices. TM Ecotton products always smell of freshness, coolness, care for our customers. We are confident that our products contribute only to colorful and pleasant dreams!2J4A8323

On the occasion of the World Day of Sleep, we give discounts on bed linen and blankets of TM Ecotton!

Annually, the third Friday of March marks the World Day of Sleep. The International Association of Medicine, in particular the International Committee of Sleep, has started the holiday. In this way, the initiators of this holiday seek to draw attention to the problems of sleep disturbance. According to statistics, over 10% of the population of industrially developed countries suffers from insomnia, and one or more symptoms of sleep disorder are observed in every second adult.
We also have a healthy lifestyle, so on the occasion of the World Day of Sleep we offer discounts: 15% - for bed linen and
30% for the Ecotton TM quilts.
Ecotton - we will make sure your dream is healthy and comfortable!

By March 8, we give a 30% discount!

   After a long, gray winter, we want warmth, colors, sun, bright and rich colors. Ecotton has taken care of the feeling of warmth, sun and good mood all year round. Ecotton bedding is to fall asleep and wake up in a good mood! After all, the long-awaited spring has come, for which everyone misses so much.
   And to make your dreams come true, for the holiday of March 8, we give a 30% discount on the entire capsular collection of bed linen Ecotton! Discounts are valid for a week!
   Ordering bed linen Ecotton, you get an unforgettable experience and pleasant emotions!
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