About us

Ecotton online store created on the basis of 20 years of unique experience in the import of cotton fabrics, the production of home textiles, the creation of brands that our grateful customers know, love and appreciate.
Ecotton products are natural fabrics, European service, high quality service and international quality standards.
We understand the importance of what mission we carry to the textile market of Ukraine.
The Ecotton team is trying to nurture our consumers' conscious conviction about how vital it is to take care of the most important thing for each of us – health.
One of the main components of health is regular, quality, sound sleep. After all, each of us spends a third of our lives in a dream – 8 hours from a 24-hour day. It is very important to take care of yourself and your loved ones, understanding that a high-quality and healthy sleep can only be achieved if natural fabrics made of 100% cotton are touched on your body and face.
Buying quality bedding and bedding is like eating high-quality and healthy food, breathing clean air, taking care of your body cleanliness and peace of mind.
Dear customers, you should understand that absolutely no synthetics should be included in diapers and bed linen for small children. Any synthetics contains heavy formaldehyde resins, they are toxic, allergenic and hazardous to health! A huge number of online stores, full of advertisements on all networks, offer you vivid prints of supposedly natural bedding in expensive boxes, announcing discounts of up to 80% and, unfortunately, in most cases this is a hoax. Check the information, carefully read the composition of fabrics, customer reviews, if something is not clear – call and clarify. Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception in the Internet space.
Having placed an order in the online store, you cannot "touch" the product or evaluate its quality visually. Remember that according to the legislation of Ukraine, bedding, terry products, pillows, blankets and other bedding and products from the home textile group are not subject to exchange or return.
 Our life is too short to chase price and discounts to buy low-quality bedding and other products necessary for life and important for our health.
In addition, I know everything that “the joy of a low price goes much faster than the disappointment of low quality”.