Bed Linen

Sleep for a healthy, active, successful and happy person is one of the most important components of life. A full, calm, comfortable sleep is necessary for the ability to recover your strength, both psycho - emotional and physical.

Only natural fabrics

A great role for the night rest of each of us is played by the quality of bed linen, its naturalness and environmental friendliness. For at least an 8-hour night's sleep, bed linen touches the body and face. Many buyers do not think about the fact that using synthetic products during sleep can damage your body and cause an allergic reaction. Buying poor-quality, synthetic bedding, you can accidentally wake up in the morning with color stains on your face and body. This suggests that in order to minimize the price in the production of the fabric from which such underwear is made, poor-quality textile chemistry and a poor color fixer were used. Most likely in such a linen in the composition there is synthetic, after heat treatment such bedding can shrink and re-blanket is unlikely to go into a duvet cover, moreover, such bedding will lose the brightness of its colors or the pattern “spreads out” on the canvas (in simple words “shed” ").

It is very important to understand that buying bed linen in a beautiful box with bright prints and promotions is not a sufficient argument. It is important to carefully examine all the characteristics of bed linen indicated on the package, carefully examine the correspondence of sizes, composition and characteristics of care. It is also very important that the package must contain all the necessary information about the Seller. All products manufactured in Ukraine and imported from abroad, but sold on the territory of Ukraine must be packaged and labeled in accordance with the requirements of standardization and certification bodies of Ukraine.
If the packaging of any home textile products ( pillows , blankets, bedspreads, bed linen, etc.) you can not find complete information About the manufacturer, most likely - this product is produced for the purpose of quick sale and quick earnings, and its quality is more than doubtful.

Ecotton - bed linen produced in Ukraine

The Ecotton online store is working on its own style, image and reputation and values ​​every customer. By purchasing bed linen, a bedspread, blankets , terry products, pillows in the Ecotton online store, you will receive a quality product, a wide selection of designs and names, fair price from the Ukrainian manufacturer and the opportunity to contact our operator at any time.

Working on the style and external aesthetic beauty of the products, taking care of the high quality of the products, trying to convey the long knowledge gained over the years about the benefits of using only natural fabrics in bed linen, the Ecotton team offers its customers natural bedding whose composition is 100% cotton :

  • satin bed linen (printed, dyed, 3-D panel, satin strap);
  • bedding from poplin (printed, smooth dyed);
  • bed linen made of coarse calico (printed, dyed, 3-D panels).
  • Trust our many years of experience in the manufacture and sale of bed linen. Take care of your health and comfort. Choose for yourself the one and only, for your loved ones only the best, only natural and high-quality bed linen TM "Ecotton".

    Satin Bed Linen

    By purchasing satin bedding, you get one of the most high-quality and wear-resistant bedding options on the market for home textile products today. Satin is a dense, but delicate fabric, silky at the touch. Ecotton satin bedding is made from only 100% cotton in several versions:

    • Stripe is satin (satin striped), this is a very high quality jacquard satin with high strength characteristics. One of the main customers of this bed linen is hotels and health facilities, where bed linen is constantly subjected to heat treatment at high temperatures
    • Satin dyed Ecotton is presented in 10 colors, ranging from white and light colors to rich dark colors. Plain dyed satin is used in tailoring Ecotton bed linen as a companion fabric, when two designs are combined in one set differing from each other per tone / two tones, but harmoniously combined and complement each other.
    • Satin print, or in simple words, satin with a pattern.

    In the Ecotton online store you can buy more than 50 designs of bedding sets from printed satin to any

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