Capsule collections

Ecotton Bed Linen Capsule collections

The production process of Ecotton bed linen begins with the idea of ​​creating a line of fabric designs, based on marketing research of the market, studying the tastes and preferences of buyers living throughout Ukraine. Our experts make decisions on the creation of collections of bed linen based on the study of consumer demand, analyzing existing sales from three warehouses: a warehouse in Kiev, Kharkov, in Lviv.

Creating a collection of bed linen TM Ecotton for our customers, we necessarily take into account the new European trends and fashion trends in home textiles, which are inherently connected with the interior design of rooms and furniture design. One of the newest modern trends is the direction of creating so-called capsule collections, in which within the framework of one design the entire line of home textile products is included: bedding sets, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, mattress covers.

15 Bedding Sets

Today at the Ecotton online store you can buy 15 variants of capsule collections, which include 5 collections in Ukrainian, national themes and 10 collections devoted to the flower theme, the theme of symbols of the great capitals of the world: London, New York, Paris, Venice , subject of a postage stamp.

In addition to the stylish, modern and fashionable appearance, the main and most important requirement for bed linen today is its quality, naturalness and environmental friendliness.

Our linens are made from natural fabrics only

It is important to understand each of us, in order to be healthy, you need to eat the most natural, simple products, dress and sleep on natural tissues. It is especially important to buy bed linen for children exclusively from natural 100% cotton fabrics. Synthetics in bedding for children, in diapers and other accessories is prohibited, because synthetic resins include formaldehyde heavy resins, they are toxic and may be unsafe for health.

The culture of exploitation of bed linen by conscious Ukrainians dictates the need to purchase in accordance with the basic requirement for the fabric from which bed linen is produced. This may be bedding made of coarse calico, satin, poplin, flannel, percale, etc., but - naturalness and 100% cotton - this is the main and main criterion.

Ecotton - made in Ukraine

You can buy natural and eco-friendly bedding, but you have to understand that such laundry cannot be cheap. The bed linen of TM Ecotton is bed linen of the Ukrainian production from the fabrics imported from the different countries of the world. Given the current prices in the market for the purchase of raw materials and the cost of production in Ukraine, the cost of bed linen in the half size of 100% cotton can not be less than 400.00 UAH. per set.

If you decide to buy bed linen in the online store, we urge you to always be vigilant and not be seduced by advertising bed linen with bright prints in bright boxes, with loud names: discount - 50%. As a rule, such bedding sets are sold by one-day firms, counting on quick and easy earnings with the help of cheating.

Always remember, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, purchased bed linen, terry towels, pillows and blankets are not subject to exchange or return.

You can buy bedding sets in Kiev in the Ecotton online store. Here you will receive the most honest producer price, honest quality modern, stylish, natural and eco-friendly product.


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