I love Ukraine

A collection of bed linen "I love Ukraine"

Creating capsule collections today is one of the most popular, modern, fashion trends in the production of home textiles around the world. In the store of the Ukrainian manufacturer Ecotton online store there are about 20 capsule collections in which in the same style, design and cross colors you can buy such items as: bedding set, pillows, blankets, mattress covers. Inspired by love for Ukraine, given the huge diversity of the cultural heritage and creativity of Ukrainian needlewomen of all times and regions: Slobozhanshchyna, Polesye, Volynshchyna, Bukovyna, Hutsul Transcarpathia, we created with great trepidation and inspiration a collection of fabrics that are used in the manufacture of home textiles called “ I love Ukraine. "

5 bed linen designs in national motifs

In the capsule collection "I love Ukraine" 5 designs in national motives are presented. Bed linen in Ukrainian designs can be an unforgettable, unusual gift for your friends and relatives who live abroad for foreigners. Products from the “I love Ukraine” capsule collection are often ordered by members of the Ukrainian diasporas living far from their homeland, those who try not to forget their roots, those who continue to love their Ukraine.

You can buy bed linen in Ukrainian, national designs in beige, red and black, black and white colors. Bed linen from the “I love Ukraine” collection is made of RENFORS coarse calico of very dense, but soft and silky fabric, which will give you a feeling of coolness and softness during sleep. Calico RENFORSE is very pleasant in terms of tactile sensations, and is not inferior in quality to the touch of the body to expensive satin.

In the Ecotton online store you can buy bed linen with Ukrainian prints almost exclusively, we do not know another manufacturer in Ukraine of similar capsule collections. Bed linen, pillows, blankets, Ecotton covers are made only from natural, high-quality fabrics. Before the release of home textiles in the Ecotton collections for sale, all products undergo a high quality control by testing. We must be sure that our customers, having bought products from us once, will return to us several times.

When buying bedding, pillows , blankets, bedspreads, mattress covers in the Ecotton online store you choose high quality, fair prices from the manufacturer, honest description of the composition and characteristics, full compliance with the stated size, stylish packaging in European design, fast and prompt delivery from our warehouses from Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov.

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