Collection of bed linen "London"

The London capsule collection includes a collection of bed linen in two designs, blankets, pillows, bedspreads. All products from the London collection are made in Ukraine from high-quality RENFORS coarse calico with all the requirements for technological characteristics: composition, durability of fabric dyeing, fabric shrinkage after heat treatment in the finished product, the quality of used textile chemistry.

Bedding set for the nursery

Our customers can buy bedding sets from the London collection in two colors of dark blue and light beige, which gives room for creativity and ideas for decorating the bed. Often, our customers mix these two colors, for example, in the children's room they buy light bedding “London” for girls, and dark bedding for a boy. In combination with the design of bed linen "London" you can buy warm and light blankets with siliconized fiber filler, pillows of various sizes with anti-allergenic filler quilted bedspreads.

In Ecotton online store, along with bedding, you can buy pillows of various sizes from the London collection, made in white, beige, pastel colors. Ecotton pillows will delight their customers with their environmental friendliness and comfort during sleep. In the production of pillows due to the quilted cover and the high quality of the ball inside the pillow, Ecotton specialists were able to achieve the optimal combination of moderate elasticity of the pillow with a moderate neck lift, which can be adjusted by the user independently.

Recently, for many families, the use of quilted mattress covers has become relevant - an excellent protection for the mattress, and an additional layer for sleeping comfort. In the Ecotton online store as part of the London capsule collection, you can buy a quilted mattress cover in white or beige.

All products from the London Ecotton capsule collection are of high quality, wear-resistant, fashionable, stylish. The Ecotton team hopes that by purchasing home textile products in our online store, you will be able to use them in your home space with pleasure and comfort, getting both physical and aesthetic pleasure.

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