New York

In the online store Ecotton you can buy a new, stylish, original collection of bed linens, pillows, blankets, bedspreads called "New York". Capsule collection of home textiles "New York" was created by Ecotton designers in the common general concept of the line "Great cities of the world". Along with the capsule collection "New York" in the online store Ecotton, you can buy products from the collections "Paris", "London", "Venice". In the collection "New York", Ecotton designers were able to achieve the most optimal combination of simplicity of design, originality of the color solution and modern style.Products from the collection of "New York" will be a perfect addition to your ready solutions for interior design, as well. The color solutions of the products of the collection "New York" perfectly harmonize and are optimally combined with any color range of the interior chosen for decorating the room.In the urban collection of "New York" you can buy items such as bed linens in two colors, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, mattress covers, decorative cushions for the sofa. In the online store Ecotton you can buy bedding of one design "New York" in two completely matching with each other colors - light beige and beige-gray tones. To your taste you can order bed linen with individual accessories, choosing a combination of dark sheets and pillowcases with a light duvet cover, or vice versa. All duvet covers that are included in the "New York" bedding set have a zipper along the entire length of one side of the duvet cover for convenience and ease of use with Ecotton blankets. Also in the online store Ecotton in the collection "New York" you can buy a separate sheet on the elastic band, duvet cover and pillow cases of any size, if you need it additionally. All products are so-called products of disagreement. All products are made of calico RENFORSE - coarse calico of high quality, made of natural raw materials, soft, thin and pleasant to the touch, corresponding to all strength characteristics. In our online store you can buy products from the collection "New York", the design of which, according to a survey of our customers and the analysis of sales for the last half of the year, entered the TOP-10 of the most successful and best selling Ecotton.

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