Collection of bed linen " Paris "

The capsule collection "Paris" in the online store Ecotton deserves special attention of our customers, because she captivates and inspires our beautiful pani ta panyonok - homemakers, inspirers of ideas and main buyers of home textile products to the house. Paris is a dream of many, unfortunately, not everyone can yet realize it ... But the great idea of ​​visualization Dreams from wise spiritual mentors, psychologists, psychotherapists are to surround yourself with pictures, inscriptions, photographs of what you dream, and this will surely come to Your life.

Paris is in fashion today. Paris - on the dishes, on the wallpaper, in paintings, on clothing, in books and in hearts. The Ecotton online store team has created the Paris collection, which includes bedding sets, pillows, blankets, bedspreads. So for you, our dear customers, today is Paris and in your bed.

Pillows - soft, gentle, comfortable. Blankets - light, warm, such that in the morning you do not want to get out from under the blanket. Bed linen is high-quality, silky, soft to the touch and touch to the body and face.

Any sizes of bed linen

In the Ecotton online store you can buy bedding from the Paris capsule collection, in which every detail is thought out: a duvet cover is on a snake, which greatly simplifies pulling the duvet on a blanket - a very unloved thing for everyone after washing dishes, bed sheets - always more than the sizes indicated on the packaging in order to make it more convenient for customers to pull the sheet on the mattress and fasten it under it. If you need to buy extra pillowcases of a different size, an extra duvet cover or another sheet or an elastic sheet , you can always do this by selecting an additional Ecotton online store any products in the appropriate section.

By purchasing bed linen at the Ecotton online store from the Paris collection, you will create a wonderful mood for yourself, your family and friends. Products from the “Paris” capsule collection can be a wonderful gift for representatives of any gender and age, since everybody dreams of visiting Paris, and those who have already visited dream of returning there.

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