Postage Stamp

Collection of bedding " Postage stamp "

At the Ecotton online store you can buy bed linen, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, mattress covers from the modern, stylish, popular among buyers, the Postage stamp capsule collection.

When creating the design of the fabrics from which the finished products of the Postage Stamp collection were made, the Ecotton designers sought to recreate and capture the long-forgotten symbol of a postage stamp. In the modern world, the incoming electronic gadgets and the tremendous speed of information exchange between people, no one else writes letters by hand and sends them in envelopes with postage stamps. Today, many adults have forgotten, and young children, in principle, do not know that earlier postage stamps were of great value. They were collected in large vintage collections, kept in albums, exchanged with each other, "chased" to buy an unusual instance. We all remember how we reviewed our collections of postage stamps, who are big, who are small, turning over each stamp, how happy and inspired.

Today, everyone has forgotten what postal parcels, which are varied in shape and color, with a fancy pattern could be seen on parcels stamps made using stamp ink.

Bed linen in neutral colors

Today on the Ecotton website in the “Postage Stamp” capsule collection you can buy bed linen, pillows, bedspreads, blankets with a stamped image of a postage stamp and stamps in a neutral and stylish color scheme. All products of this collection are made from high-quality natural RENFORS coarse calico in compliance with the norms and requirements for compliance with the sizes indicated on the packaging, shrinkage after household washing, durability of textile dyes, wear resistance.

By purchasing bed linen, pillows, blankets, pillows, blankets in the design of the "Postage stamp", you get high quality products, an honest price from the manufacturer, a long service life of products. The entire Ecotton product line from the Postage Stamps collection can be a wonderful, unforgettable gift for friends, relatives, adults and children, since few people will remain indifferent to such a beautiful and undeservedly forgotten topic of a postage stamp.

All products of the Postage Stamps collection are made in neutral colors, so they will fit into the design of the interior of almost any room and will decorate any bed space. In this design, it is aesthetically beautiful, stylish and practical to look at the bedding and on the sleeping bed at home, in the office, in a private hotel, in any places of rest.

Buy bed linen, pillows, blankets with a print "Postage stamp", as well as many other related products of home textiles in any of our three representative offices: in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, or order with delivery, placing an order on our website.


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