For a bedroom

 For the comfort and warmth of your bedroom, Ecotton online store offers a wide range of high-quality, modern, stylish home textile products.
 TM "Ecotton" is a new European brand, simple and stylish, original and diverse. Our designers and technologists, using a long professional experience, think through every detail, offering each new position to the market. Bed linen, pillows, blankets, bedspreads Ecotton are created in order to decorate the homes of our customers, bring in each house warmth and comfort.
 All products that you can buy in the online store Ecotton, are a product of the Ukrainian manufacturer. They pass strict quality control at every stage of production, are certified. Our products meet all the necessary quality standards and are able to satisfy the most demanding customer requests.
 Complete sets of bed linen TM "Ecotton" are made of 100% cotton. Many of the prints in bed linens are exclusive, because are created in our design studio. The pride of our capsule collections, which include: bed linens, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, mattress covers are Ukrainian national motifs and prints of the symbols of the great capitals of the world. In one design you like, you can buy a set of all accessories for the bed, which are necessary for sleeping.
 Pillows and blankets Ecotton are made of both anti-allergenic filler (holofayber) and natural filler (wool, feather-down).
 Pillows filled with holofiber are produced in such a way that if necessary, you can remove the outer cover with a lightning bolt, changing the amount of filler to your liking or in case you want to change the cover or clean it.
 Quilted blankets TM "Ecotton" produced on modern quilting equipment. High quality, light, warm blankets, quilted out of the cover, the composition of which is 100% cotton, you will not feel its weight on your body, you will feel only the tenderness of their touch.
 You can buy blankets in the Ecotton online store in three variations of filler: silicone blankets, wool blankets and duvets.
 In the Ecotton online store you can buy quilted bedspreads, executed in calm pastel shades, as well as in designs that are included in thematic, capsule collections. You can buy a blanket of a similar design, like bed linens, like a blanket, like a pillow. The interior of your bedroom will be unique, stylish, and most importantly - to your liking.
 In the online store Ecotton you can buy terry sheets, knitted sheets on an elastic band, waterproof sheets on an elastic band with impregnation AQUA STOP. Terry sheet is indispensable and comfortable for sleeping at any time of the year. In summer, a terry sheet will be light and not hot, but will retain a sense of security during sleep. In the autumn and winter seasons for those who do not like hot blankets, it will be optimally warm. Terry terry towels are made from terry cloth 100% cotton. Buy terry sheets can be in 5 sizes and colors of six colors.
 In the online store Ecotton you can buy a mahrovuyu sheet AQUA STOP with waterproof impregnation wholesale and retail. We personally tested the properties of waterproofing of this sheet. A sheet with a waterproof impregnation perfectly repels water, enough sheets to shake or turn over.
 In the online store Ecotton you can buy quilted mattress covers for any standard size of mattresses, starting from the child's size mattress pad. It is possible to manufacture mattress covers according to the dimensions required by you. Quilted mattress pad Ecotton will reliably protect your mattress from water, contaminants, unpleasant stale odors and increase the service life and clean appearance of an expensive mattress.
 Home textile products TM "Ecotton" "For a bedroom" will surely give you comfort, environmental friendliness, pleasure from use. Let us take care of you and your pleasant dreams.

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