In the online store Ecotton you can buy terry sheets and sheets with elastic in several versions of the fabrics from which they are made. Ecotton sheets are made from fabrics whose composition is exclusively 100% cotton:  

  • sheets on an elastic band from a wide range of knitted fabrics and a standard size range;
  • terry sheets on a rubber band with waterproof impregnation;
  • Sheets are made from coarse calico, sateen and poplin, the composition of which is 100% cotton.

Terry sheets

In the Ecotton online store you can buy terry and knitted sheets with elastic for the smallest in cribs. Often the kids sleep restlessly, spinning in their sleep. In the case when the sheet is tightly stretched over the mattress, this effect is possible only if there is an elastic band on the sheet, the baby does not have the opportunity to twist in the sheet, and sleep becomes more comfortable and safe. For the parents of the youngest, we offer AQUA STOP terry sheets with waterproof impregnation, which will reliably protect the children's mattress and significantly prolong its service life.

Elastic Sheets

You can buy terry sheets with elastic, knitted sheets with elastic in the Ecotton online store in 6 sizes for basic and standard types of mattresses: a children's mattress with a size of 110х140 and mattresses for adults of 90х200, 140х200, 160х200, 180х200 and 200х200 centimeters. In the manufacture of terry, knitted sheets on an elastic band, as well as a sheet on an elastic band made of coarse calico and satin TM Ecotton high quality raw materials are used - only 100% cotton.

Waterproof sheets

Among other things, knitted and terry sheets are very functional. Knitted sheets are made of dyed knitted fabric, they do not have a printed pattern, they are called monophonic. You can choose in the Ecotton online store and buy any design and size of pillowcases and duvet covers, which, to your taste, are the most compatible in color with a plain sheet. Terry sheets on an elastic band with waterproof impregnation of white color which is combined with any other coloring.

Sheets on elastic from terry cloth and knitted fabric, from calico and satin, are easy to use, easy to remove and put on, do not slip and do not tighten during sleep. Due to the presence of elastic and dense structure, they tightly tighten the mattress, and serve as its protection from pollution and abrasion and on the sides.

In the Ecotton online store you can buy summer and winter colors of knitted sheets with elastic, rest and sleep in pastel, soft colors will be pleasant and calm. We also recommend Ecotton cushions made of synthetic sintepuh

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