Bed Covers

In the Ecotton online store you can buy a blanket on the bed in the bedroom, a blanket on a sofa or a baby blanket. All covers Ecotton TM made and natural fabrics used in the stitch cover. Bed covers are made of pastel, delicate designs of calico and sateen. On the Ecotton website you can buy a similar bedspread design of bedding sets, pillows, blankets, mattress covers (see section Capsule Collections). Your bed will be decorated in the same style and design. All Ecotton blankets are quilted on high-tech, modern equipment, which allows for the highest quality production. Ecotton covers are quilted with durable threads with internal filler - a thin layer of synthetic, anti-allergenic fiber.

Any choice of bedcover sizes to choose from

The covers of Ecotton TM are multifunctional and practical, they are light in weight, pleasant to the touch, easy to heat treat. All Ecotton blankets from a child's size to an euro-size calmly fit in volume into the drum of a home washing machine, dry quickly, do not lose the appearance of a new thing for a long time. Buyers of our covers do not need additional costs for expensive industrial dry cleaning. Even after home washing no more than 40 degrees and simple household drying, the Ecotton blanket will look like new for many years.

Our bedspreads can be used both for its intended purpose, to cover bed linen and to give the bed a neat, complete look, decorating the bedroom, and as a product that you can hide during rest and sleep. Often, customers use a blanket instead of a thin summer blanket, feeling the optimal combination of its lightness and warmth. The cover, unlike woolen, acrylic, w / woolen plaids does not prick, is pleasant to the body and protects from the cold no less efficiently and reliably.

Baby bedspreads

The Ecotton product line has a large selection of quilted bedspreads with children's patterns, like in cribs for the youngest consumers, as well as teenage beds with mattresses of 90 * 200. Baby bedspreads TM & quot; Ecotton & quot; please the eyes of the most demanding parents, because quilted only from natural fabrics with the composition of the cover - 100% cotton in delicate, pastel, modern children's designs. It is possible for our clients to choose and buy blankets for girls in pink and light beige colors, and for boys in green and blue designs. We also recommend buying baby bedding Ecotton.

Quilted Bed Covers

TM & quot; Ecotton & quot; offers its customers a range of standard sizes of bedspreads in several versions of quilted bedspreads from capsule collections, which by their design fabrics are combined with TM blankets "Ecotton", pillows and bed linen TM "Ecotton" See the Capsular Bedclothes Collection section.   You can buy a bedspread in Kiev in the online home textile store TM & quot; Ecotton & quot; from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Guaranteed high quality, long life, as well as the joy and satisfaction of the appearance of the product is guaranteed!


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