Blankets filled with wool fiber and anti-allergenic synthetic fiber TM Ecotton produced on the most modern and high-tech equipment, rotary multi-needle quilting machine. This allows you to create high quality stitches as well as a variety of stitches in the product.

TM Ecotton quilts have an aesthetically attractive appearance, various filler options in terms of both density and composition, compliance of the filler with the declared characteristics, stylish, modern packaging.

Silicone Comforters

Ecotton quilts with silicone filler are produced in three densities:

  • summer lung;
  • mean;
  • Winter thickened.

Silicone fiber filler is called anti-allergenic filler, absolutely comfortable for sleeping and relaxing, light, warm and eco-friendly. By the way, we also produce and sell hypoallergenic pillows with holofiber filling.

Ecotton silicone filled quilts are made in various eco-fiber covers (soft, silky fabric of pastel colors), 100% cotton cover from calico and 100% cotton cover from satin). In our online store, you buy any blanket, and it will give you maximum pleasure in use, because We pay special attention to the high quality of products, compliance with all the declared characteristics, the creation of diverse color options for cases for every taste and preference.

Wool blankets

Ecotton quilts with wool filler are available in two densities:

  • wool blanket with a wool density of 300 grams.
  • wool blanket with a wool density of 400 grams.

As a filler, we use clean, washed, light wool, mixing it in the composition of the filler with 10% synthetic fiber, technologically acting as a binder component.

If you dissolve the thread from the side to see the quality of the filler in the blanket and check its compliance with the declared one, you will receive complete satisfaction. To my great regret, today unscrupulous competitors, declaring the sale of blankets with wool filler, put dirty and unwashed waste blankets after the initial combing wool processing, also deceive the Consumer and put a cheaper, synthetic filler, in the hope that the Buyer will not spoil blanket and look inside…
 It is not easy to buy a real, really woolen, high-quality blanket in Ukraine.

Ecotton wool blankets provide a 100% guarantee of high quality filler, quality covers, quilting, packaging, a wide range of colors and a fair price.

Ecotton Cassette Duvets

Feather-down blankets are rightfully among the most eco-friendly, natural and quality blankets of all blankets on the market.

Feather-down blankets are always a choice of expensive and elite hotels. The lightness of feather-down blankets in combination with warmth and tenderness is difficult to underestimate or replace with any other product. For the production of cassette covers feather-down blankets Ecotton in our production, we use only high-quality cotton fabric 100% cotton - teak napernikovy. As a filler, we use washed, clean, odorless and using chemical treatments of duck feather and down of the Ukrainian manufacturer in various proportions in the product. The higher the content of fluff, the better and lighter the product, respectively - the more expensive its cost. Ecotton feather-down blankets are a guarantee of 100% quality, long and comfortable operation, pleasure and environmental friendliness.


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