Mattress covers

Mattress Covers

At the Ecotton online store, you can buy a wide range of mattress covers in standard sizes or order the size you need by placing an order on our website. Mattress TM Ecotton will be a good protection for your expensive mattress, because mattress pad - it's not just the preservation of the clean appearance of the mattress, this and the extension of its service life. The quilted Ecotton mattress pad protects the surface of the mattress from damage and dirt and makes it easier to clean the mattress, minimizing the damage.

Quilted mattress case with impregnation

In the Ecotton online store you can buy a 100% cotton quilted mattress pad in a coarse calico cover and 100% cotton mattress pad waterproof from a terry cloth AQUA-STOP impregnated with cotton. Such mattress covers can be used as mattress covers on a sofa, on a sleeping bed, in a children's bed, a bed for special medical purposes.

Ecotton mattress covers are technologically fixed on the mattress in two ways: either with the help of strong wide elastic bands from the four catch, or they are pulled onto the mattress, like a sheet on an elastic band. All the information you can read on the packaging mattress covers.

You only need to buy a mattress cover in our online store, put it on the mattress, and your mattress will remain unharmed for a long time. Mattress covers TM Ecotton easy to heat treat at 40 degrees, dry quickly and do not require any special care.

Agree, it is much easier to wash or even buy a new mattress overlay than to call and pay for an expensive dry-cleaning of a mattress or change it for a new one. Unfortunately, but light and thin bed linen cannot protect the mattress, bed linen has a very weak protective function of the mattress, because a thin layer of cotton fabric is not enough to protect against wet leaks.

And in order for your bedroom to have a single style, we recommend evaluating our blankets and sheets .

You can buy TM & quot; Ecotton & quot; quilted from natural fabrics in 6 main sizes by placing an order on our website.

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