The online store offers a wide selection of pillows with a different type of filler in quilted and smooth cases, a large assortment of cover designs and pillow covers. Please note that when choosing a pillow made of artificial filler, it is better to look inside and see what the pillow is filled with. There are such surprises when the Buyer, inspired by the cheapness of the product, especially when buying in the market, discovers dirty, old pieces of silicone inside the pillow. Such a pillow is dangerous for your health of children and the elderly, besides, it will last no more than 1 month, turning into a pancake com.

A conscientious manufacturer who takes responsibility for the manufactured product under his trademark will always leave for the Buyer the opportunity to see what the pillow is filled with, leaving a technological opportunity in the form of a zipper on the cover. We follow the same approach when making blankets - woolen and quilted blankets with silicone.

You can test and evaluate all Ecotton pillows by looking inside with the help of such a zipper on the side of the case, and making sure of the high quality of production.

Pillows with artificial filling

Ecotton pillows with artificial filler are made in quilted removable covers with a hole in the cover on the side with a zipper. This hole is necessary not only to ensure that our Consumers are convinced of the quality and safety of the pillow filler, but also to be able to control the volume of the filler to your needs and preferences. The cushion is filled as standard for its weight and size, but each of you will be able to reduce or increase its volume upon request.

Holofiber Cushions

The Ecotton pillow with artificial filler holofiber will serve you for at least a year (tested on yourself) also due to a quilted cover, which creates additional elasticity and uniform distribution of the balls inside the product. If you wish, you can always open the zipper, pull the entire ball out of the pillow, wash the removable cover - and you have a practically new product!

Please note that in us you can buy the simplest and cheapest pillows in simple covers and economy packaging.

Down Pillows

All Ecotton pillows are made with high quality and neat, filled with artificial filler holofiber, which are twisted springy balls of white or slightly bluish tint.

Ecotton feather-down pillows contain duck down and feather in various percentages.

Feather-down pillows rightfully won the market position number 1 in terms of the ratio of comfort to sleep / flexible price / long service life. Ecotton feather and down pillows are made from the best ticker on the market today with 100% cotton with high-quality natural raw material, each batch of which is thoroughly tested by our production workers.

In the assortment of Ecotton, please pay attention to the pillows from 100% down. These are pillows of the highest quality and a great pleasure to sleep. Absolute environmental friendliness and naturalness of the product in combination with moderate softness - the best quality - price offer for our customers from Ecotton. In our online store you can buy Ecotton pillows from synthetic filler sintepukh from us - this is the most economical, budget offer for our customers. And in order to keep the whole bedroom in a single style, we recommend to look at our capsular collections of bed linen.

Sintepukh filler is an anti-allergenic, modern, clean and high-quality filler. Its economy is determined by low springy properties, but it is softer and more tender when touched. Ecotton cushions made from synthetic tick covers, which, due to the strength and strength of the tic, creates a comfortable position for sleeping on this type of pillow.

Decorative pillows

Ecotton decorative pillows will decorate any space, starting from the kitchen and rooms inside your house and ending with outdoor gazebos and rooms. Decorative pillows can be either in bright covers from matting and linen fabric, or in pastel covers from satin. Having bought a pillow in our Ecotton online store you can pick up a tablecloth of a similar design and quality.


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