For bathroom

Bath towels

Bathroom - a very personal space, a place to relax, relax for body and soul. Delicate terry towels, foot mats, cozy terry robes TM "Ecotton" will be comfortable after taking a bath or a shower and fatigue, the problems of the working day will be lost. The towels offered to our customers in the Ecotton online store will take care of you perfectly, because they are very soft and eco-friendly, made exclusively from 100% cotton linen.

Towels - 100% cotton only

Much to our regret, often when buying terry towels at various online stores, buyers are disappointed with the quality of their products. Fascinated by the bright print or low price, and buying terry towels from unscrupulous suppliers, it later turns out that it is impossible to exploit terry towels. Without absorbing moisture, the towel can slide over the body, leaving the villi. This suggests that in terry towels have synthetics. And the disappointment of low quality comes much faster than the joy of low prices.

It is easy to buy terry towels, their offer from various online stores is extensive. But be careful! In order to make quick money, unscrupulous sellers are deceiving their customers, because it is impossible to check the quality of towels by touch in the online store, and terry towels, as well as bed linen and all products of this group are not subject to return and exchange in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

16 Terry Towel Colors

You can buy terry towels for the bathroom from TM "Ecotton" in their wide color range of 16 colors from optical white to hot chocolate in five of the most popular sizes from 30 * 30 napkins to terry sheets of Euro-size ... Terry Towels are made exclusively from 100% cotton, using environmental dyes, with a beautiful designer board. In the online store you can buy towels wholesale and retail. For wholesale purchases of terry products, please call the above numbers and you will receive a significant discount on the price you see.

Having bought terry towels in the Ecotton online store, you will never be disappointed. By trusting in our quality products, you will remain our grateful regular customer. You can also buy terry towels in our online store in gift wrapping.

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