Decorative pillows

Throw pillows: a combination of practicality and style

Decorative pillows from matting will be a great decoration for your kitchen. In addition to the decorative function, the Ecotton TM pillows are also quite practical. They are easy to care for - the fabric of the mat is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage, practically does not wrinkle, keeps its shape, does not stretch and does not deform, does not absorb odors, and has antibacterial properties. We chose holofiber as a filler, which gained popularity due to such characteristics as hygiene, resistance to deformation, lightness and softness, hypoallergenic, environmental friendliness, durability, durability, resistance to biological microorganisms.

Through a combination of matting and holofiber, the pillow has acquired such properties as practicality, durability and unpretentiousness in care. It is possible to wash a pillow in the machine at a temperature of 30° C in the mode of delicate washing and an extraction at low revolutions.
Included with the tablecloth of the same design TM Ecotton pillows will make your kitchen stylish and sophisticated.
Sitting comfortably with a pillow on a sofa, chair or chair, you can enjoy eating, watching TV or hanging out with family and friends.

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