Waffle towels

Towels, which are simply indispensable in everyday

Towels - things that you simply can’t do without at home ... Among the huge number of fabrics that textile production gave us, the most effective in the kitchen is a waffle cloth.
The peculiarity and uniqueness of this fabric in its waffle structure, which is created due to a kind of interweaving of threads forming squares from 2 to 10 mm in size. This fiber weaving technique gives towels strength and durability.
The manufacture of wafer cloth occurs in two stages. In the beginning, a very coarse canvas of a beige hue is obtained, which is subsequently subjected to bleaching and chemical treatment. So we get a white towel. And to make it fun and vibrant, manufacturers apply a color print.
The advantages of the “waffle” were appreciated by the hostesses and identified the main ones:
√ naturalness, the fabric is made from 100% cotton;
√ hygroscopicity: perfectly absorb water;
√ do not leave traces or villi. This property of the material is most in demand in restaurants, bars, hotels, where the dishes should be in perfect condition, without streaks;
√ wear resistance: maintains numerous washings using practically any strong means and even boiling.
Resistance to high temperatures makes it possible to use this fabric in metallurgy, oil and construction industries.
By the way, wafer fabric creates a feeling of light massage: the cellular surface stimulates blood microcirculation, improving skin elasticity and tightening it. So, wafer towels are also actively used in cosmetology.

Ecotton offers wafer towels made from 100% high-density cotton, which provides products with abrasion resistance and durability.

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